June 22, 2019

Pennies Per Pound Fundraiser


Pennies Per Pound Fundraiser

Saturday, June 22, 2019
Sunday, June 23, 2019

Lift 4 Life Parking Lot
4924 Plaza East Blvd.
Evansville Indiana

Come be a part of Lift 4 Life history and show your support.  Lift 4 Life and Power Plus2 are partnering for an amazing fundraiser to benefit the Lift 4 Life Foundation.  All proceeds go to purchasing food, clothing, memberships and handicap equipment for the gym. 

The Power Plus 2 is a Two-Person Weightligting Machine that revolutionizes athletic Performace and team building concepts.   This machine allows for individuals to lift together to complete the same lift while pushing them harder and further.  ONE team, ONE Machine, working together as ONE.   

Weight Classes:

(2 Men body weight combination)

0 – 250
251 – 300
301 – 350
350 – 401
402 – 452
453 – 503
504 – 554
555 – 605
606+ (Super)

Weight Classes:

(2 Women body weight combination)

0 – 224
225 – 248
249 – 273
274 – 298
299 – 323
324 – 348
349 – 374
375 – 399
400+ (Super)

Entry Fee:  All lifters must bring Pennies Per Pound Fundraiser pledge forms to registration/weigh-in.  If no pledge form is presented, a $100 donation per lifter.  Please remember this is a fundraiser for a great cause.  Make checks payable to:  Lift 4 Life.  Mail contest permission form to:  Lift 4 Life, 4924 Plaza East Blvd. Evansville, Indiana 47715

Lifting Attire:  Weightlifting Singlets or T-Shirts, Shorts and Athletic Shoes – (Shorts above the knee).  No Bench Press Shirts.  4″ Lifting Belt, Wrist Wraps and Knee Wraps allowed.  

Entry Deadline:  Thursday, June 20, 2019.  All entry forms must be in by Thursday, June 20th.  

Official Weigh-in/Registration:  Friday, June 21, 2019 @ 1:00pm to 8:00pm.  At Lift 4 Life location.

Rules:  International Federation of the Two-Person Lift Rules apply.


  • Men and Women

  • 19 and Above – Open

  • 18 and Under – High School

  • Special Class

  • Co-Ed

Saturday, June 22nd:
(8:00am Rules Briefing and Warm-up – All lifters must attend)

  • Squat and Bench Press

Sunday, June 23rd:
(8:00am Rules Briefing and Warm-up – All lifters must attend)

  • Dead Lift
    Awards Ceremony after Contest


Fundraiser for the Lift 4 Life Foundation

Our Mission

The mission of Lift 4 Life is to show compassion for our veterans with PTSD, Depression, Anxiety and any other disabilities while being there for some to lean on and to become healthy within their mind and body. This facility is not only for veterans but all First Responders who put their lives on the line every day, and to reach out to any person or group with a disability, to be a support system is our main goal through health and fitness. When you walk through the doors you enter a judge free zone with no intimidations.  You will see in our eyes all are equal.

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